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These photo's are from Sri Lanka 2003

sri lanka map


ancient stupa

Polonnaruwa 2000 year old buddha stupa still in ruin.

elephant carving


elephant carving


reluctant elephant ride

The last time i will ride on an elephant.

That staff i'm holding has a dagger and a sharp hook on the end.

Which the handler used to motivate the elephant


Ancient gremlins

moon stone

ancient moon stone

ancient buddha

couple thousand year old Buddha site. there's no money to protect it from the elements

segiriya rock

Sigiriya rock


Sigiriya 1400 year old fresco


Sigiriya 1400 year old fresco

Segiriya view

View from the top of the rock


Short video


Sigiriya peter hall

Segiriya family portrait

Family portrait in front of lion's rock

Segiriya family

the girl in the center Tharika started talking to heather on the walk down from the top. See video below.


short video


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